Woman holding slurry pump impeller

Single top suction impellers for tank pumps


Mazdak pump installed at Nephi Sandstone, Utah for cyclone feed

Mazdak International offers complete service for testing and refurbishing slurry pumps.
We offer a line of vertical froth handling and mill floor pumps, with double suction impellers.

The Mazdak pump impeller features secondary vanes or splitvanes to break air locks and reduce slurry recirculation and wear.

  • Pump sizes from 38 mm to 300 mm discharge (1.5” to 12”)

  • Robust cantilever design with depth from 600 to 1800 mm (2 ft to 6ft)
  • Metal impeller – metal casing

  • Rubber Lined casings

  • Double suction impellers

  • Motors V-belt or direct drive above base plate and sump level