The Hydraulic Capsule Pipeline allows the transport of products sealed in capsules through pipelines.

When applied to dredged sediments, or mineral concentrate, the concept eliminates dangerous abrasion and wear of pipes and pumps.

Hydraulic capsule pipelines achieve a fill ratio of 80% and cut down on water associated with long distance transport of dredged sediments or mineral concentrate.

Lower CAPEX and OPEX are achieved for long distance transport is achieved.

At Mazdak International we provide engineering of hydraulic and pneumatic capsule pipelines and capsule pump launchers.

Transport of mineral concentrate

Capsule Pipeline

Gravel, sediments and mineral concentrate are packed in capsules manufactured of recycled plastics.

Testing transport of solid metal capsules in our lab.


The capsule pipeline is used to de-silt small dams and clear blocked discharges during the dry season. This approach avoids the use of complex conveyors. This technique adapts well to California regulations for removing sediments in areas previously mined for gold where there may still be traces of heavy metals.

Capsule pump launcher manufactured to customer’s need.

The invention is covered by US Patent 2023/0242354 A1